Legal Assistance 4 Less

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A paralegal is qualified to do everything an attorney is, however paralegals are not allowed to give legal advise or represent a party in Court or give legal advice.

Do you have a legal issue that is undisputed that you wish to file or handle. Have you and your ex or future ex already decided the outcome of events and just want to file so that it will be all over?

Well I can help in many cases. Lawyers are costly and the process is very streamline when you aren't arguing over everything in courts.

No matter weather it is Family or Civil, I can create the paperwork and in some cases file it if you like for much less than what you would pay an attorney.

* Divorce
* Termination of Rights
* Adoption
* Child Custody
* Child Support (modifications also)
* Annulment
* Name Change
* Record Sealing
* Wills
* Living Wills
* Power of Attorney
* Small Claim
* Demand Letter


All services are not intended as a substitute for the advice of an attorney. This is merely a document preparation service and NO LEGAL ADVICE IS PROVIDED! Mediation does not form contract and all decisions are voluntarily gone into.